What is Bushcraft knife? Difference between Bushcraft & Survival knife

Encountering outdoor emergencies and surviving in the wild is said to be bushcrafting. A hunter or a bushcrafter knows how to work in the countryside.

For settling life in wild areas or just for spending some days having the right things to make life possible there is what’s necessary.

At that spot a bushcrafter needs the right tool to get things done right, a bushcraft knife or a survival knife is one of the right tools to be kept in your surviving kit.

What is bushcraft knife

Bushcraft Knife & Survival Knife?

Bushcraft knives and survival knives are approximately the same in usability and appearance but there are so many kinds of hearts in this world as well as minds.

Every person thinks differently and they have their own opinions, some will say the bushcraft knife is good for forest activities and a survival knife is good for emergency situations.

The difference between these two is so minor as we can say bushcraft knives tend to be just smaller in size comparing to survival knives.

What Is A Bushcraft Knife?

What is bushcraft knife?

A survival knife or bushcraft knife is said to be all in one tool. A bushcraft knife is the best hunting tool in your survival kit.

The best thing about a bushcraft knife is it is light weighted, contains a sharp razor, and easy to carry. It is convenient for outdoor activities.

It is a super tool for hunting, so many things can be done using this only one like cutting wood, carving, cutting rope, preparing food, batoning in the woods, digging, skinning animals, or starting a fire.

Bushcraft knives In Physical Appearance?

Mostly bushcraft knives are smaller in size, they come in the length of roundabout 5 inches longer or shorter than it whereas survival knives contain a little more inches than it about 12 inches or shorter than it. It is easy to carry and can be kept in the belt. There are lots of folding bushcraft knives available in the market you can easily carry one of them.

A bushcraft knife or a survival knife contains a thicker blade that is about 3 to 6 inches long, this sharp-edged survival knife is so intense that performing heavy work doesn’t affect it or in other words, we can say it is made up for heavy use. The blade of the bushcraft knife is either made up of stainless steel or carbon steel, stainless steel is a very common and cheap bushcraft blade and is made up of 440c or AUS8 whereas carbon steel is easier to grind and polish. It contains a stronger edge.

The handle of a bushcraft knife should be easy to hold, durable, slippery-free, and stronger. Different companies use different types of materials in the manufacturing of bushcraft knife handle material. The most commonly used handle materials are micarta materials, leather grips, and stag bone products.

Final Thoughts:

So many brands manufacturing bushcraft knives or survival knives nowadays all you have to do is to choose a knife according to your budget and the qualities you want in it or you’re searching for in it. You can also choose the awesome survival kit checkout my friend article on it.

To examine, holding which type of handle you feel comfortable with, you should try some options to know which fits best in your hand.

Different companies use different kinds of material in manufacturing bushcraft or Survival knives, the performance and reliability of the knives depend upon its blade’s material. and its handle material, it is inspected by its weight and outward form. One thing should be kept in mind before getting a bushcraft knife.

The knife should be full tanged because the metal piece of the full tanged knife runs down the handle that’s why full-tang knives are more reliable because it balances the whole knife and perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

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