Best Bushcraft Saws 2021 – Folding Bushcraft Saw Reviews

Busy in this busy world! Got no time to analyze every small thing before buying the best bushcraft saw. However, buying the best bushcraft saw can be challenging in the situation. The market is full of thousands of choices. How to choose the perfect one for the first time? Relax, we are here with the list of the seven best bushcraft saw include the best bushcraft folding saw in the market. Read the article to the end to catch some intriguing information and choose the best one to the one of perfect bushcraft saw according to bushcraft experts.

Our Top Picks


Silky Professional

  • Quality material
  • Heavy-duty task
  • Good durability




  • Corrosion-free
  • Flexible cutting
  • Sharpness



Corona RS 7265D

  • Safety features
  • Durable blade
  • Comfortable use


Best Bushcraft Saws Reviews

Below, we’ve come up with our top 7 picks for the best bushcraft Saws & best folding bushcraft saw. Which is worth buying in 2021

1: Corona RS 7265D Folding Saw Review – Best Axe Saw For Bushcraft

Best Axe Saw For Bushcraft

The Corona RS is an amazing saw which has been highly popular for the last few years due to its unique design and best result. You will feel the saw is worth purchasing after learning about its features.

The saw has a blade of 10-inch with three-sided razor teeth that will help to cut wood smoothly, giving you the experience of using the best saw ever. Not only this, the blade has got a chrome finish that reduces friction and jamming whenever you cut any wood.

What’s intriguing about this blade is that it contains high carbon content, which means the SK5 steel blade will run for a longer duration. Additionally, this blade helps you with faster cutting with its unique design.

When you use this saw, you will feel a really pleasant feeling; using this saw; you will feel that the blade and its handle are appealing. The handle has been built with plastic that feels light-weighted when you carry it and provides you great comfort and a good grip.

The handle has red and black color, which gives it an attractive look and prevents you from getting mad whenever misplaced as it gets easily traced with its unique look, making it unique and the best bushcraft saw available till now.

  •  Durable blade
  •  It gives you a strong grip
  •  Comfortable use
  • The teeth pattern provides you quick cutting.
  • Good for cutting larger woods
  • For a few, it may sound quite costly to change the blade.


After a good analysis and research, we have found Corona RS Saw is worthy of purchasing, and it gives a really pleasant experience to its purchasers.

2: Silky Professional Pocket Folding Saw Review – Best Pocket saw for bushcraft

Best Pocket saw for bushcraft

If you search for something that will meet all your desires, then Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Folding Saw is your thing.

The saw is 0.45 Ibs, very light-weighted, and easy to carry; light-weighted does not mean the saw will not do the job as efficiently. However, with its two different locking points along with a clear carrying case, the saw will go with you wherever and whenever you go.

The amazing Silky Professional Series Pocketboy Folding Saw is the best silky saw for bushcraft with a 6.7-inch blade, impeccable for slicing.

The manufactures have made its blade with high carbon steel that helps to prevent tree resin. As the world is in a hurry, All silky uses their comfortable cutting MIRAI-ME technology to help you in fast cutting and slicing without putting in much effort.

Its handle is also very comfortable to use and coated with rubber, so it is also a no-slip type. However, Silky produces four types of blades( 7,8.5, 17, and 22 TPI ) for this knife depends on which one you need. The only problem with this bushcraft Saw is that its blade is very thin, and sometimes it breaks when you try to do tough tasks with it.

  •  Light-weighted
  • Contains interchangeable blades
  • Prevents tree resin
  • Blades are thin; sometimes break when try to do tougher tasks.


We added this product to our best bushcraft saw list because one will get maximum benefits using lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, compact; the product will come with a whole package. And the most intriguing part of purchasing this saw is that the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

3: Coghlan’s Folding Saw- Best Triangle Saw For Camping

The gardeners and campers Coghlan’s Folding Triangle Saw as it has been leaving behind its competitors one by one. It is the best selection for those campers or hikers who need a saw to get into tighter spaces such as between trees. The saw has a 21-inch blade with an anodized aluminum frame that can bear additional blades and it’s among the best saw blade for bushcraft.

The saw has just a weight of 16 ounces that means it is light-weighted and friendly to carry anywhere and anytime. So, if we are going hiking or camping, The Saw will go with you anywhere without making you annoyed.

However, some downsides need to be improved about this saw. The deficiency of handle cushion and uncooperative carry dimensions. The handle is not so friendly to use as it lacks rubber or no-slip cushion, so it may sound a bit unfeasible for few purchasers to use it for a prolonged period.

The other problem with this saw is that it does not contain a carrying case; hence, making it uncooperative to store when not used.

  • Blades are interchangeable
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Gets into tighter places
  • The no-slip cushion on the handle
  • Uncooperative carry dimensions.


Although the product contains few downsides, these are not a big problem as it has many other superb qualities, especially if you like to keep a bow Saw, then Coghlan’s Folding Triangle Saw will be your perfect match. This product is enjoyable for outdoor activities.

4: Opinel Folding Saw – Best folding saw for bushcraft

Best folding saw bushcraft

The Opinel Folding Saw has been receiving remarkable reviews for its high-quality blade and light –weighted so take it wherever you go. We love this saw for hiking, gardening, landscaping, or any indoor or outdoor activity. The saw is just impeccable in cutting, slicing, or any use.

The saw has a blade of 18 cm; the manufacturers have designed the blade most perfectly as possible; sharp teeth and faster cutting without putting much effortless are all you need from a blade, and its blade has got all.

The two rows of sharp teeth are placed towards the handle, making you cut efficiently and quickly, giving you a pleasant experience. Not only is this, for a brilliant cutting, the blade carbon steel along with anti-corrosion coating that prevents it from rusting.

You will feel lucky to have this saw while any outdoor activity. This Saw handle is also very comfortable and holds good durability: after prolonged use, it remains good and powerful. The blade is very efficient in cutting branches of a maximum diameter of 10 cm. As the manufacturers hold concern about your safety, the saw is accompanied by a safety hook and a replaceable blade in case of any damage.

Opinel uses beech wood for its handles. As it is manufactured in France, it is tough and friendly to use. For the prevention of moisture or dirt, the producers have varnished the handle.

I’d recommend checking out our guide on the best bushcraft folder, as we cover some pretty awesome options.

  • Replaceable blades
  • Comfortable handle
  • Flawless designing
  • The only con of this saw is that many purchasers think it’s costly. However, for the best product, one may have to give a higher price.


French farmers who are the manufacturers of this saw always enjoy a good reputation for their saw worldwide. Optional Folding Saw has high-quality material within it that makes it durable. The blades are perfect as well as the handle is very comfortable, making a check-out thing.

5: Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Review  – Best Saw For Extra-Large Jobs

Best Saw For Extra-Large Jobs

The Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw XL Teeth has performed excellent duty with bigger and tougher tasks. You can avail of it for most of the construction projects and large limbs. Having this saw in your hand, you will feel like having a hulk’s arm.

The handle has a rubber coating which helps in easy gripping. The blade has got a folding feature. You can store it in your pocket or anywhere. You can avail of this blade for multiple purposes such as trimming, pruning, etc. This tool is perfect for small or big tasks. You can keep it at home for gardening or landscaping purposes.

The blade is carbon-steel along with light-weightedness for better performance and does not get stuck into tighter spaces. You can get difficult jobs done with this blade more efficiently and save time and energy. This saw will make your tougher jobs piece of the cake.

The manufactures have made its Saw blade with high SK4 high-carbon steel with a thickness of 1.4 mm. The blade is 360 mm in length with its teeth of 5.5 per inch, which is good for smooth slicing and fast cutting. The blade’s teeth are tougher as impulse hardening technology has been used so, the saw provides you an exceptionally pleasant experience.

  • Excellent for tougher jobs
  • Impulse hardening technology
  • You can use it for multipurpose
  • The blade is too thin for few purchasers, but it is not a big problem if you use it carefully. However, it has got good cutting capability; you don’t need to put much effort.


We recommend Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 due to its remarkable performance. The saw is really good for heavy jobs and home maintenance activities. You can use it to maintain your garden, or you can also avail it for heavy outdoor tasks such as tree cutting.

6: AGAWA BOREAL21 folding bow saw Review – Best bushcraft bow saw

The AGAWA-BOREAL 21 folding bow saw is probably the best saw one can have. You can use it for hunting, camping, or any adventurous activity. The saw will give you the most pleasing experience with flexible cutting and slicing, making your work get done faster. Just swing the saw on the tree, and it will cut it within no time.

Although the world is in too hurry, so you are, the saw will open in just seconds saving your maximum time. The only thing you got to perform is to unfold it and make use of it. The blade is automatic, so no need to touch the blade while opening or closing; save your fingers from getting cuts; hence it is also the best folding saw bushcraft.

The saw is very light-weighted, only 18oz, and also great for carrying with a length of 53 cm.
Furthermore, it is also corrosion-free, so it holds great durability. The handle is also very comfortable to carry. Also, adding the safety feature, the blade of the saw can be stored in the handle.

  • Corrosion-free
  • The blade can be stored in the handle
  • Flexible cutting
  • Some may think the product is too overpriced


The AGAWA-BOREAL 21 folding bow saw has earned high positive reviews because of its unique design and additional properties. The saw holds good durability, and it is a good choice for gardeners.

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7: Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw Review – Best Budget Bushcraft Saw

The zippo three in1 Axesaw has got your heart. The saw is multipurpose; it works as a mallet, hatchet, and saw simultaneously. You can save a good amount of money by purchasing it.

The manufactures have made AxeSaw head with tang 420 stainless steel with great durability. The product is corrosion-free so that you can use it for a great time. As it is light-weighted, so you can carry it everywhere during any outdoor activity without inconvenience; the AxeSaw cuts and chops smoothly; you do not need to put much effort into getting your job done.

The handle is also very smooth to hold; additionally, the blade can be stored in the handle for safety purposes. The AxeSaw is multipurpose bushcraft saw that means you can get your three different jobs done at a time as it functions as hatchet, mallet, and saw.

  • Safety features
  • Multi-purposes
  • Affordable
  • The handle may be too long for a few, but it will not be a big problem if you use it carefully.


The AxeSaw is affordable as you can have multiple jobs done with it. Secondly, it has got additional properties which help you gain a good experience.


How to choose the Right Saw For Bushcraft?

Buying the right folding saw can be difficult, especially if you are a newbie. But there is no such thing to be worried about. Only you got to do is to have some key points in mind, and you will get the best bushcraft saw at your first attempt.

Cutting Mechanism

Folding saws have a different mechanism for cutting wood. Some may cut on the pull only, while others may cut from both the push and pull strokes.

Once you know the benefits and disadvantages of each cutting machine, you will understand which bushcraft saw will suit you best. Saws that cut on the pull make you cut in a line because you will have good control.

While the other saws that use push and pull stroke cut aggressively and faster. In a cut on the pull, you will get a smooth timber cutting, while on the push and pull both cutting mechanisms; you will get rough finishing on the timber. For beginners, the push and pull mechanism is better as it is easy to use. However, the only pull mechanism frequently gets stuck when you apply a lot of pressure.

Blade Efficiency

The blade is the most vital part of the bushcraft. You got to be very careful while using it. For a blade that cuts smoothly, you need to notice the teeth per inch of the blade. Blade with many teeth per inch is a great selection for smoother cuts, but it will take a long time to cut the wood. However, the blade with fewer teeth per inch is faster, but it does not give smooth woodcuts.


The material is another important thing that you must check before purchasing as the better material will help the saw hold good durability. It would help if you kept in mind several things while checking the material; the material used in the handle is sturdy and can support the blade. Make sure you choose the blades that utilize hardened stainless steel as they last longer and stay sharp for a good duration. The last thing you need to check is if there is any coating done on the blade to prevent rust.

Size and Weight

Size and weight also play a key role in better results of the saw. Many brands give you the option of choosing the size of the saw. However, selecting the size and weight of the saw completely depends on your job. If you are purchasing a saw for backpacking or hiking, then you should go for light-weighted. But, if you want to saw for tougher tasks, then you must go for heavy-weighted Saws.


Safety is an important concern while you use a folding Saw. This is why many companies equip saws with locks to keep the blade secured while you store it. At least you will not get any cuts on your hands while opening it.
Availability Of Replacement Parts

Finally, the last important aspect to notice is that you confirm that the saw has replacements blades available. Renowned brands provide replacement parts on the cheap to make sure that your saw persists a failure.


We have made the best bushcraft saw guide possible. The above saw we have mentioned in our recommendation list is the top-listed saw in the market. If we choose the best bushcraft among the best bushcraft list, then AGAWA-BOREAL 21 folding bow saw and zippo three in1 Axesawwill win the title best bushcraft available in the market till now. The blade in the AGAWA-BOREAL 21 folding bow saw can be stored In the handle. Whereas Zippo 3 in1 Axesaw can be your hatchet, saw, and mallet at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the best bushcraft Saw?

AGAWA-BOREAL 21 folding bow saw has been chosen as the best bushcraft saw due to its impeccable features. It gives a smooth cutting experience and a blade that can be stored in the handle, and it is corrosion-free and durable.

Q: Is it easy to replace a damaged or dull saw blade?

Yes, it’s quite simple to replace your blade. In case your saws utilize a specialty blade, you will need to order a fresh one straight from the manufacturing company. However, the replacement process is still easy.

Q: What’s better: smaller bow saws or larger ones?

The answer completely depends on your job that you need to get done through the saw. Size, shape, weight, and tooth design mark a great difference when selecting your references’ particular saw.

Q: How large can my bow Saw get?

Huge bow saws have an almost regular length of 36 inches.

Q: How often should I replace my blade?

This completely depends on how much you use and sharpen the blade. If you are good at maintaining the blade, then it will last for a longer period.

Q: What are bushcraft bow saws used for?

The primary bows are multipurpose and mostly used in cutting, breaking wide woods into small usable firewood, and trimming trees.

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