Best Bushcraft Pants 2021 – Bushcraft Trouser Reviews

Bushcraft is full of wilderness, adventures, and fun. For a perfect bushcraft experience, one must take all the right stuff with him. Clothing is one of the key things that must be done properly. Most people are unaware of the importance of wearing the right pants while bushcraft. The right bushcraft pants give you the confidence to survive the toughest conditions.

However, finding the Best Bushcraft Pant is always a real challenge. Relax, After months and months of research and personally testing hundreds of bushcraft pants, we bring you the list of best outdoor bushcraft pants available today that will save your precious time.

Our Top Picks


Columbia Men’s

  • Quality material
  • UV protection
  • Resists absorption




  • Waterproof
  • Good for tough conditions
  • Quality Material



Dickies Double Knee

  • Indestructible, tough fabric
  • Reinforced knees
  • Budget-friendly


Best Bushcraft Pants Reviews

Below, we’ve come up with our top 10 picks for the best pants for bushcraft. Which is worth buying in 2021

1: Fjallraven Vidda Pro Review – Best Pant for bushcraft 

We love FjallravenVidda Pro pants as they provide the best comfort while bushcraft.

The manufactures have used polyester/cotton fabric that is met with a special substance, Greenland wax, for the addition of wind and water resistance to make FjallravenVidda pro pants.

It is requisite to check the fit and size of pants before buying. However, the design of the pants greatly impacts to allow an individual for a better range of movement. In addition, there is also a long version available for taller people. So, you can choose a size according to your height.

For particular functions, they have designed pockets. There are multiple pockets in FjallravenVidda Pro for different functions, such as a map pocket, internal phone pocket, multi-tool pocket.

However, the absence of rear pockets may annoy some people. On leg endings, there are elastic strap adjustments with press buttons. The pant is available in multiple sizes. This awesome bushcraft pant is made in the USA; hence, made with high-quality material.

  • Amazing design
  • Offers great comfort
  • Knee pockets are available for pads
  • Elasticated cuffs allow you to keep snow out
  • Some may find the pants overpriced
  • There are no back pockets available


We recommend FjallravenVidda Pro to our audience as my uncle had a great time with this pant. Pockets are available for different functions as you may organize your stuff. You can wear these pants in summers or winters while bushcraft there is no particular season for wearing them. It’s among the best bushcraft pants for all season.

2: Helikon-Tex Men HOP – Best Budget Bushcraft Pant

If you want a bushcraft pant that is reasonable, durable, and also feels comfortable during hiking, hunting, climbing, or any outdoor activity. Helikon-tex Men HOP Hybrid Outback Pant is for you.

While using Helikon-Tex Men bushcraft pants I feel the pant has hook and loop closure that is a faster, closer method. So you can save your time. The producers have made these pants with a blend of DuraCanvas and Versastretch. Such structured pants enable men enhanced stitching for any outdoor activity.

The pants are lightly weighted, so they will not annoy you while you do any bushcraft job. However, it boosts you for an immediate response. The Helikon-Tex outdoor pants include internal pockets for additional padding and knee pads that you may enjoy your adventure with maximum comfort.

No matter which outdoor activity you are up to, the pants will comfort you in every climate, whether it’s rainy, sunny, or cold. The pants can work as waterproof with wax at a certain level.

  • Internal pockets for additional padding
  • Hook and loop closure
  • These are not completely water repellant


A very close friend of mine had a very nice experience with these pants. The pant is worthy of purchase as it is reasonable, durable, and available in multiple sizes.

3: Dickies Double Knee Work Pant Review – Best Outdoor Pants

The Dickies Double Knee pants are outstanding. The pants are suitable for multi-functional works. The pants hold significant durability, and you can never doubt its material as it is super comfortable to wear.

The amazing thing is it is among the best budget bushcraft trousers in the market. We can call this pant indestructible pant as it is made with a tough fabric.

The product includes reinforced knees, a phone-sized leg pocket, front and back rear pockets.

The pant is suitable for the summer season as it is not water-resistant, so it may not cope with water during rainy seasons. We do not recommend our audience to use this pant in the winter season as it is not water-resistant.

So, it may become a bit hard for you to cope with water while bushcraft; the weather is rough in winter seasons, and if the water gets absorbed in your pants, it might make you sick. However, looking at its price, it is budget-friendly.

  • Indestructible, tough fabric
  • Reinforced knees
  • Budget-friendly
  • There are no cargo pockets in the pant
  • It is not water-resistant


We added Dickies Double Knee pants to our recommendation list as it is budget-friendly bushcraft pant. The pant offers maximum comfort, and it is durable so you will not need to spend money on bushcraft pants again and again.

4: SITKA Gear Timberline Pant Review

If you want a pant that is fit for harsh conditions and includes some extra features, then you better check out Sitka Gear Timberline Pant.

Although, this pant is a great fit for hunting activities. But, by comprising it with nylon reinforced seat and knees, the manufacturers have made it particularly to meet tough conditions while bushcraft.

We can also suppose that it is the best wilderness pants, and you will have no problem with it working in the most uncomfortable environments.

The incredible and noteworthy thing about this pant is that it is built from waterproof, rip-stop nylon. This feature will allow you to continue your job during rain, and you may also kneel if you want to start a fire or construct a shelter. For additional comfort, you can fit the knee pads in your trousers.

However, the problem with this pant is that it is overpriced. But, the fact is that quality things come with higher prices.

  • Waterproof
  • Good for tough conditions
  • Bit costly


We mentioned Sitka Gear Timberline Pant in our list as it is a great selection for doing tasks in harsh conditions.

5: Fjallraven Men’s Barents Pro Trousers – Fjallraven Bushcraft Pants

Fjallraven pants are highly demanded in the market for their great comfort and quality. Their pants are always durable, comfortable, and well-designed. The relaxation they offer is hardly replaceable by other pants. The Fjallraven has maintained its good reputation in the market for many years.

The Men’s Barents Pro Trousers by Fjallraven are undoubtedly perfectly built in all aspects. The pants feature wind and water resistance and have been dual-layered in the requisite areas such as the knees and seat. The pant includes six pockets scattered in different places of the pant, which helps in better organization and offers great storage. It also comprises a specialized ax sleeve.

The Barents trousers also include knee pad sleeves, and you may add knee pads to gain extra comfort. Hence; the pant never compromises on your comfort. It has always been up to the mark. However, few purchasers complain it is overpriced. But, we all know valuable things come with a higher cost.

  • Knee pad sleeves
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Comfortable and durable
  • It is costly


We love this because we never doubt the pants of Fjallraven. They are renowned in the market for their best quality pants.

6: Tru-Spec 24-7 Original Tactical Pant – Best Tactical Pants

The Tru-Spec 24-7 Original Tactical Pant is an ideal pant for bushcraft. It a perfect pant to take into the bushes or any other outdoor activity such as hiking, climbing.

The producers made this pant with 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The material used in its making plays a key role in maintaining your leg with the warm temperature and dry. And also adds considerable comfort to your adventure.

You can also add knee pads for gaining additional comfort.

If we talk about the design, the pants are available in 11 change colors and different styles. You can also select the size and color you desire for an article of stylish clothing.

There are many pockets for different functions such as Pocket bushcraft knife, front pocket, cargo pocket, and back pockets that allow you to utilize great Space for storage and also go for a better organization of the tools.

  • Multiple pockets available
  • Space for knee pads
  • Available in different colors, sizes, and styles
  • Some purchasers complain the pants make a bit louder noise while walking.


We suggest Tru-Spec 24-7 Original Tactical Pant to the people as this pant is ideal for outdoor activities. It meets all the requirements for taking it to outdoor activities.

7: Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants Review – Best bushcraft Pants

Suppose you want a pair of pants that can be comfortable enough to provide you with a fine relaxation for outdoor activity. In that case, Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant is a go thing.

The most amazing thing about these pants is that they have detachable legs, so you can turn them into shorts and utilize them just the way you want. If you feel too hot, you can make the legs shorter and if you feel cold, make the pants according to it. Isn’t that amazing!

The pant includes material of UPF 50 fabric that offers UV protection and resists absorption of any liquid. UV protection allows you to stay safe from the harsh sun rays during summers.

The pant has one zip closure safety pocket, a pair of cross pockets with hooks and loop closure, and mesh pockets. However, this is not good storage space, but the pant still offers some.

  • Offers UV protection
  • Resists absorption of liquids
  • Comfortable to use
  • Absence of attachment loops
  • Less storage space


Although the pant has some downsides, we still had a great experience using it. The pant is high quality and comfortable. Furthermore, its manufactures enjoy a good name in the market.

8: LA Police Gear Urban Ops Review – Cheap Bushcraft Pants

Another amazing product that we love to enlist in our recommendations is LA Police Gear pants. These pants are easily affordable and available in a wide range of colors.

The pants are better to be used in summers. However, polyester/cotton fabric dries quickly if it gets wet as it is light, and also, the material used in its making adds a fine comfort to your adventure.

The pants also have pockets, which you may utilize for different purposes and make a better organization of your tools. The pant also offers great comfort during outdoor activities such as hiking, bushcraft, climbing etc. The only downside of this pant is that it is not water repellant which may make you think that you cannot use it on rainy days or winter season. However, the pant is affordable and still offers you features that you must not overlook and check this thing out.

Often tools such as bushcraft hatchets, saws, and bushcraft knives are used when out in the woods, all of which can cause some pretty nasty damage in an accident.

  • pant is light weighted
  • It is recommended for summers as it helps you stay cool
  • Available in different colors
  • Includes pockets
  • affordable
  • It is not water repellant

Why we love it?

We added LA Police Gear Urban Ops pants to our list as the pant have considerable qualities. We had a fine experience using it. If you are searching for an affordable pant and includes fine qualities, this must check out thing.

9: LancerPac Women’s Outdoor Bushcraft Pants – Best Bushcraft Pant For Women’s

LancerPac Women’s Outdoor Bushcraft pants give you a next-level experience. The pants cheer up your mood as they are explicitly smooth. You will enjoy your adventure fully with these pants on you.

The manufacturers have used polyester material in the making of the pant that enables to resist water and harsh wind and also offers relaxation while any outdoor activity.

You can customize these pants according to the structure of your body as the pants have an adjustable waist. The pant includes two zipper pockets in front and one zipper pocket in the back that enables you to organize your tools or utilize a fine space for storage.

The premium fleece lining in the pant helps you stay warm; hence, the pant is a perfect choice for cold weathers, and it is among the best winter bushcraft pants available till now. You can do any outdoor activity with these pants with great coziness.

  • Adjustable waist
  • Premium fleece lining
  • Water-resistant
  • Not recommended for the summer season


We like LancerPac Women’s Outdoor Bushcraft pants because it helps stay you warm in the coldest weathers. The pant gave us a nice experience. You must not miss the product out while making a purchase.

10: TACVASEN Men’s Outdoor Pants – Best Lightweight Bushcraft Pants

We love TACVASEN Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants as these are stylish, durable, and hard to crumple. The pant has everything you want. You will fall in affection with these pants once you get to know about their features.

The pant is 97 percent cotton and 3 percent Spandex. Its knee has a DATRS design. The pants are chiefly appropriate for causal outdoor activities like climbing or hiking. The pants have a stylish look, and they are thick and flexible with a longitudinal elastic design. The pants are stretchable. You can have a great time using these pants. Its amazing qualities help you succeed in your jobs as they will make your mood with utter relaxation.

The TACVASEN Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants have multiple pockets so you can have good storage for better organization. These are scratch-resistant, and also they do not deform and hold significant durability. The pant is worthy of purchasing.

  • Stretchable and comfortable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable
  • CONS:
  • Few purchasers complain the material used in its making is not high-quality
  • Few purchasers complain the material used in its making is not high-quality


We consider TACVASEN Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants as they include maximum qualities a buyer wants. We used these pants and found them extremely durable. You can never doubt the quality of the pant. It is a NO MISS thing.


Our guide will assist you in getting the best bushcraft pants at your initial purchase and help you understand which pants will be best for you. However, if you want to know the best of the best pants, we suggest Sitka Gear Timberline Pant and Columbia Men’s are the best pants available bushcraft. Sitka Gear Timberline Pant is the best choice for bushcraft as it helps you deal with the harsh conditions in a better way. However, Columbia Men’s will offer you multiple pockets and water and wind-resistant and provide Space for fitting knee pads. The pant has got everything that you want while bushcraft.

How to Pick the Right Bushcraft Pants?

Most importantly, we have given you the best bushcraft Pants guide. We will let you know how you can distinguish between a bad and a good pair of bushcraft pants. We will tell you step by step what’s important to keep in mind while purchasing bushcraft Pant so that you may know what to do for selecting the best pant for bushcraft.


Fabric is the most important thing to notice. The fabric plays a key role in protecting you from the harsh climate.

While most companies use similar material except the few, polyester and cotton are used mainly. Polyester and cotton provide a good stretch, durability and also helps your legs stay warm.

Ripstop is another material, and only a few companies use it. It was mainly made for the use of the army but became common in commercial clothing. This material is ideal for any outdoor activity as it is scratch-resistant.

It would be best if you stay safe from getting cold and wet. The manufactures coat their pants with moisture-wicking properties that help material resist water from absorbing.


The best and necessary part of the pant to check is that if it is comfortable or not. No matter how great affordable, durable a pant is, there is no means of purchasing it if it’s not comfortable.

Few factors contribute to the comfort of the pants.

  • General fit – Many brands offer bushcraft pants in different sizes. Availing the pant that fits you right is very important as no one wants to go on an adventure on too loose or too-tight pants.
  • Fabric –Fabric does not only play a vital role in protecting the harsh environment, but it also plays a key role in providing comfort. The two common materials frequently used are polyester and cotton, and both provide good comfort.
  • Ventilation – Just as certain pants keep you warm while bushcraft in cold weather, some keep you cool while bushcraft during hot weather, to help airflow in and out of the pants, brands fit in mesh panels within a set of pockets.


During your adventure, you do strange activities like climbing on trees, and you cannot take a backpack everywhere; hence, you need pockets to keep a good amount of tools inside you and use them whenever you need them. That’s the reason it is requisite to have pockets in your pants. Furthermore, you can also wear a tool belt for taking tools with you, but this may be a bit annoying and uncomfortable.

Knee Pads

Certainly, not many trousers come with knee pads, and many offer pockets to put knee pads inside. Of course, you will be kneeling many times, so knee pads will help you kneeling without getting scratches on your knees.

Q: How tight should my bushcraft pants be?

If the pants include a cuff for fitting tight around your ankle, they should reach the ankle and hide it. These pants can grip tighter and create problems if they are short and gripping your calf instead.

Q: Should my bushcraft pants be baggy?

You must adjust pants according to your body, like your pant must not be loose enough that they hang from your legs, or they must not be much tight that they restrict your movement. You can practice jogging and check if the pants are comfortable to you, and adjust them accordingly.

Q: What should I look for in waterproof trousers?

Firstly, when you go for bushcraft waterproof trousers, you got to be a little careful; the waterproof pants you choose must be breathable. They are available in the form of peel or coating. They will dry earlier if they are more breathable, which is the most important requirement for outdoor pants.

Q: Would bushcraft pants be good for ATV trail riding?

However, they are called bushcraft pants, and they fit perfectly with your ATV rides. They include resistance from water, rust, soil that you want to get yourself protected while having an ATV trail ride.

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