Best Bushcraft knife under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews

When it comes to bushcrafting, camping, backpacking, and wilderness survival, I can’t pressure enough the significance of quality, durable, and fixed blade best bushcraft knife under 100. A genuine outdoors person realizes that a reliable bushcraft knife is essential in a survival bag. The blade is the hardest thing to recreate in the wild out of all that you bring. It can represent the moment of truth your capacity to survive.

best bushcraft knife under 100

Best Bushcraft knife under $100

There are so many new products out in the market, and all brands claimed that they have the best one, and it turns out to be difficult to pick between various brands and more challenging to select the correct one. But you don’t need to worry about it; we already did detailed research to choose the most promising best bushcraft knife under $100 by keeping an eye on all the outdoor lovers’ problems before buying any of their favorite products.



ESEE Knives 3P

Budget Friendly

Ka-Bar BK-22

Let’s discuss the promising features of the listed products in detail to have more information about them and pick the most popular product.

Below is the list of Top Bushcraft knife under $100 in 2021

Bushcraft KnivesRatingPrice
Ka-Bar BK-22 Becker Companion Knife5 Star
ESEE Knives 3P Fixed Blade Knife5 Star
Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife5 Star
Condor Tool & Knife, Primitive Bush Knife4 Star
Bushcraft knife by Holtzman's Gorilla Survival5 Star
Off-Grid Knives – Tracker-X knife
4 Star

 1: Ka-Bar BK-22 Review – Best fixed blade bushcraft knife under $100

best 100 dollar bushcraft knife knife

The Ka-Bar Becker BK22 Companion knife is used by all branches of military and service members. The BK-22 Companion Fixed Blade Knife is in a split second remarkable for the way that at present it is given to every one of the five parts of the United States military, and is likewise widely utilized by law authorization units everywhere on over the world. What else can represent the nature of a knife?

The knife features a durable 5.25inch blade with a thickness of 1/4 inch, and the width of the blade is 1 11/16, perfect for splitting kindling, skinning game, camp cooking prep, and more.

The 1095 Cro-Van steel provides a strong blade with a black durable blade coating. The black epoxy powder coating resists the rusting problem of the edge. If you will do some hardcore bushcrafting and want a knife that will never let you down, this is a great candidate.

The BK22 is an outright BEAST! Perform excellent tasks during the everyday challenges in the wild it can handle pretty much anything about you could ask from a strong ordinary survival knife. Great for collectors and outdoor services, Tested to ensure

The blade’s edge is shaving sharp out of the box, perfect for medium to heavy-duty tasks. Too big for a hunting knife but perfect for an all-purpose survival and camping knife. It can quickly chop wood, the baton’s like a champ, and still has a sharp edge for creating feather sticks.

Item includes a decent polyester front pouch sheath with a nylon belt loop. The most sheath of the ka-bar knives is outsourced as in the case the sheath of the Ka-Bar Becker BK22 is imported from China, you would probably better served by purchasing a higher quality aftermarket sheath.

  • Used by military and law enforcement units
  • Great for heavy-duty tasks
  • Durable 1095 Cro-Van steel blade
  • The handle is customizable
  • Perfect for Batoning
  • Remarkably comfortable grip
  • The sheath is not the highest quality
  • The finish is rather crude

2: ESEE Knives 3P Review – Best ESEE  knife

Best ESEE bushcraft knife

If you are looking for the best bushcraft knife under $100 that can get the outdoors job done, ESEE Knives 3P is the top one on our list. All in all, what’s makes the ESEE Knives 3P worth your thought?

The ESEE 3P is made up of 1095 high carbon steel. The high carbon steel is perfect for heavy-duty tasks and never chip under hard use. The 1095 high carbon steel is easy to heat treat, and when heat-treated appropriately, it is still one of the best blades.

It is durable and not hard to sharpen using standard sharpening stones and tools. If you do not take care of the steel, there is a chance it will rust and stain. You have to keep cleaned and oiled your blade. Take care of your gear, and it will take care of you during the survival situation.

The overall length of the knife is 8.3″, and the blade length is about 3.88″, which is a great all-purpose size and lightweight knife. The overall weight of the knife is 5.2 ounces without sheath and 9.3 ounces with the sheath. The blade comes with a black coating for Corrosion protection and Less reflective.

The handle scales of ESEE 3P were manufactured from Canvas Micarta. This material is more coarse than Linen Micarta, giving you better retention of the knife during use. The G10 handle provides you a good feel with a reliable grip even in cold or wet conditions. The handle scales are removable and replaceable as well.

The ESEE-3 has a formed Kydex sheath with vital maintenance. The sheath won’t assimilate water, and a channel gap helps keep your edge dry to postpone rust. At the point when you secure the blade in the sheath, there is a pleasant snap as it fits together.

The entirety of ESEE’s blades accompanies a no inquiries posed to guarantee. On the off chance that anything happens to your edge through use or abuse, ESEE will supplant it, no questions posed. ESSE remains behind their blades with a 100% genuine lifetime ensure.

  • Comfortable and replaceable handle
  • Good Quality Materials use
  • Ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • The handle is short for the big hand

3: Ontario Black Bird SK 5 – Best Desert Bushcraft Knife

Best Desert Bushcraft Knife

The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 is a survival knife designed by Paul Scheiter. It’s a very simple but highly functional knife. You have to keep while buying the bushcraft knife under 100; the less complicated a product is, the better it will perform when your life depends on it.

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 is an outstanding knife for survival. Indeed, Ontario’s model name “SK” represents a survival knife.

The length of the blade is about 5 inches with 0.138 blade thickness. The 154CM steel cutting edge conveys an incredible mix of equalization, strong execution, and continuance even after heavy usage. The blade is Kephart style with the right length and relatively sharp out of the box.

The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 is perfect for bushcrafting, hunting, camping, and most other hardcore outdoor activities; this steel is an ideal compromise between edge retention, corrosion, durability resistance, and ease of sharpening. The spine of the blade has a nice sharp 90-degree angle for striking fire steel.

The Sheath is made up of thick, tough nylon with an enormous, inflexible cutting edge liner. It is generally MOLLE viable and considers various strategies and directions for conveying this blade on a belt, backpack, or MOLLE vest.

The handle of SK-5 is made with massive, thick, perfectly textured, G-10 synthetic scales. It provides you a firm grip even if there are cold weather conditions or your hand is wet. The state of the handle is straightforward. It’s level with slightly adjusted edges. The handle’s form incorporates a raised gut that fits pleasantly in the palm and adds to an excellent hold.

Ontario blades are NOT produced in Ontario, Canada. They are made altogether in Franklinville, New York, USA. These blades have consistently been made in the USA and no place else. The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 is best survival knife under 100.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Well balanced blade with a center lined tip
  • Corrosion resistance construction
  • Lightweight, and easy to carry
  • The flat grind on the spine is basic
  • It’s a bit expensive

4: FALLKNIVEN F1 Review – Best Bushcraft Carving Knife

Best Bushcraft Carving Knife

With this bushcraft survival knife, a replacement world customary is being set. It is including our list of the best bushcraft knives for under 100$ due to its great feature and qualities. Necessary factors like technical style, agronomy, and economy area unit brought along at intervals the model F1, and represent the foremost idea accessible these days. The knife meets and surpasses far and away from established international standards for strength and worth for cash.

The Fallkniven F1 represents a wholly new philosophy concerning knives for survival use. It combines the expertise of generations of knife producing with trendy technology. The handy size, the well-thought-out style, the implausibly robust laminated steel area unit solely many of the numerous details that create this knife one thing you’ll be able to place confidence in.

Mod. F1 may be a handy knife and is staggeringly versatile. The safe, pleasant grip beside an exhausting nevertheless robust laminated steel, makes the knife helpful for all types of daily work, also as for tightened bushcraft and looking tasks.

Its full length is 8.3 inches with 3.8 inches of blade length that are ground with the convex ground. It is a lightweight knife with 150 g of weight. It is covered with laminated steel and leather sheath provided with a Thermo run handle.

  • Smooth convex grind with effective steel
  • Quality Material
  • Easy to sharpen
  • A small and thin handle

5: Condor Tool & Knife Review – Best wooden handle bushcraft knife

This exceptional knife has excellent features to face everyday challenges in a survival situation. The huge fixed cutting edge blade is developed of 420HC hardened steel with a matte dab impact finish and a hardwood handle.

The 420 high carbon hardened steel is 13 1/2″ generally length with an edge length of 8″. The cutting edge thickness is 3.0mm and accompanies a hand-created welted cowhide sheath. The exceptional blade is designed by Matt Graham, who completed each edge of the blade and gave it razor sharpness.

The High Carbon steel blade never lets you down and performs excellent tasks in an emergency. The blade doest need regular maintenance and oiling. The 420 HC stainless steel finish is durable and corrosion-resistant.

The knife comes with a walnut handle it’s not American black walnut; it looks like some tropical walnut species. The handle fits nicely in hand and offers good control of the blade while doing some heavy-duty tasks.

Condor Tool & Knife puts a lot of effort and money into their quality sheath for the customers. The sheath of the Primitive Bush Knife is unique and versatile. But there is not clip point on the sheath

The one downfall of the sheath is it doesn’t have a leather tab that goes over your belt when you put the knife between your pants and belt. But the quality crafted leather sheath provides the best retention to the blade and holds the edge well.

Another negative point of the Primitive Bush Knife is it ships from the factory rather dull, so you have to sharpen the blade when you receive it. Additionally, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Durable 420 HC stainless steel finish
  • Quality Material
  • High-quality leather sheath
  • High-quality wood handle
  • Needs to be sharpened when you receive it
  • Not clip point on the sheath

6: Bushcraft Survival Knife by Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival

Carbon steel knives area unit ordinarily engineered for rough use wherever toughness and strength area unit vital. In our opinion, it’s a median for steel pocket knives however still, its bottle opener feature provides it a position.This premium eight.6″ long military knife options a razor-sharp four.0″ blade manufactured from 1095 high steel, sure to cut simply wood, paper, plastic, or metal while not going blunt.

This knife feels brilliant within the hand, it’ll be troublesome to slide out once exploited, particularly if you utilize the enclosed lanyard. 440C is the highest carbon content from the 400C chrome steel series. The blade is hard and also the knife feels durable.

The black G10 inhabitancy knife handle with the attractive orange lining is one.4″ wide, to boost exactitude use. Anti-slip & simple grip, it’s designed for practicality. Spoil a treasured camper, hunter, skilled worker, or hiker with the last word Bushcraft knife. Offered within the enticing Gift Box, this outside knife makes the simplest gift.

  • The handle is very grippy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use it
  • Face trouble in handling the edge of the blade
  • Suspectalbe to rust

7: Off-Grid Knives – Tracker-X  Review 

best bushcraft knife under 100

Next on our list of best bushcraft knives under $100 is Off-Grid Knives – Tracker-X – D2 Steel Knife. It’s a medium-size fixed blade knife with a wide belly and a flat grid. The Off-Grid Knives company is a relatively new company whose are the manufacturer of the folding knife at the start but know they jumped into the fixed blade world with an item that was significantly more than an untimely idea and got unbelievable positive reviews from the user who uses their Tracker-X – D2 Steel Knife.

The knife features a 4.75″ blade length with 5mm blade thickness is ideal for chopping, batoning, bushcrafting, branch clearing, or other survival-related tasks. But the lack of finger choil on the blade makes this less ideal for carving.

The blackwash Full Tang D2 Steel blade is excellent for heavy-duty tasks. The D2 steel blade is carefully treated with an HRC of 60, which holds the edge super sharp even tons of hard use, superb wear, and corrosion resistance.

The 4.5 inches handle thick and perfect for large hands and provides you an excellent grip in gloves. However, you might need to pass this blade or plan on sanding down the edges a piece on the off chance that you have little hands. It also fits my medium size hand.

The snakeskin micarta has a grippy structure. The handle is specially designed to give you a secure and strong grip in a wide range of climate circumstances cold or hot, dry or wet; you’ll always have a rock-solid safe grip.

You will also get a tremendous customizable quick clips sheath, which can easily clip with a belt. This Kydex sheath gives regular security to the cutting edge and is considered as the best sheath of bushcraft blades under 100.

The Off-Grid Knives company offers a full replacement for Off-Grind if the knife has any manufacturing fault. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Customizable sheath
  • Lifetime replacement service
  • Well balanced
  • Grippy handle
  • The handle may be uncomfortable for small hands

8: Gerber bear grylls folding knife – Best Gerber bushcraft knife 

Gerber Bear Grylls has enjoyed a good reputation for their product in the market for years, and purchasers always admire them for their best knives.

If you are searching for a knife that must not have limitations of the blade, then Gerber Bear Grylls folding sheath knife model 31-000752 will work for you. The knife offers impressive features in a very affordable range.

This knife’s blade is 3.6 inches with high carbon stainless steel and holds an excellent sharpness, making slicing, chopping real fun. The edge is serrated towards the handle. The serrated is a better option than a plain edge knife as it makes the cutter last longer. Also, easy to open as it has dual-sided thumb studs.

The handle is almost 5 inches, enabling you to have a good grip and the rubber texture coating on the handle gives you a pleasant experience while you use it. The handle does not have too many screws on it, and it is also colorful, giving you a perfect look while searching for a desirable bushcraft knife.

The product comes with a nylon sheath. This knife’s weight is 4.3 oz, which means that it has lightweight and easy to carry. The knife has a robust locking mechanism, which helps lock the blade in its place while you open it. The
locking mechanism provides you safety and resistance from getting any cuts while closing the edge.

  • Good locking mechanism
  • A well-designed handle
  • It comes with a nylon sheath
  •  Manufactured in China and doubted for high-quality material used in its

9: LionSTEEL M4 Bushcraft Knife – Best Multitasking Bushcraft Knife

If you are looking for a multitasking bushcraft knife under $100 that meets your multi purposes at a time, then the LionSTEEL M4 bushcraft fixed blade knife will be the right choice. The knife is made in Italy. Italy is known for its unique and high-quality craftsmanship, and when it comes to making a knife, we must never doubt Italians.

We recommend this knife for camping, bushcrafting, or any outdoor activity. The product comes with a double-stitched leather sheath that resists the product from damages while traveling or storage. There is a small hole in the
handle for any additions of beads or cords for the utility, which is another uncommon feature.

The handle provides a very comfortable usage: you may use it on both forward and backward grips, right or left-handed, entirely depends how you are satisfied. This ax’s blade is 1.59-inch thick and 3.74 inch in length, which delivers a smooth slicing, chopping, and a pleasant experience without investing many efforts.

The manufactures of this knife have a good reputation for their unique designs. We recommend this knife for its excellent durability, quality results, and, of course, unique design. The most awaited part is that the blade is available at a reasonable cost.

  • Good for outdoor activities
  •  The product comes along sheath for protection
  •  Smooth cutting
  • Must use carefully for resisting any cuts.

10: Schrade SCHF30 9.7in – Best Stainless Steel knife under $100

Finding a good bushcraft knife under $100 for carrying and durable is a bit hectic, but we have added a knife that can fully your requirements. Schrade SCHF30 9.7 in stainless steel full Tang Fixed Blade knife is a good choice for carrying and safe use.

The knife is 9.7 inches in length. The knife is lightweight, carrying 6.3 ounces weight. The size of the blade is 4.9 inches. The edge holds a good sharpness along with good durability. The manufactures have made this blade with 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel along with a thermoplastic elastomer handle.

The product is comfortable to carry as it comes with a reliable thermoplastic belt sheath; one can be very con dent while carrying this knife. The handle firmly holds the blade that results in stress less chopping or slicing.

There is also a hole in the handle, which you can utilize for beads addition, or any cord can also be placed in it for hanging purposes. The customers have always shared positive reviews about this knife. So, purchasing this knife will not go useless. Instead, you can avail this great bushcraft knife at very affordable charges.

  • Easy to carry
  • Good for beginners
  • A high-quality product
  • The downside of this knife is that its manufacturers are not competitive in their

How To Choose A Right Knife For Bushcraft under $100

Choosing the right knife can be a difficult task. You have to take into account your own personal style and which knives are best for what specific chores to make sure that it gets used properly and is appropriate with your skillset.

Which knife is best for you? That’s a tricky question to answer when there are many different types of knives out on the market. We have compiled some additional considerations or factors that will help narrow down your search and find the perfect knife. Specifically, let’s look at your Blade Size, Blade Material, Blade Design, Blade Grind, handle, and sheath. 

1. Material Material

Many different types of blade steels are being used in knife production, such as high carbon steel and stainless steel. It can be hard to know which one is best for the user’s needs, but each type has its own qualities that make it a good choice depending on what you want out of your knives.

High Carbon steel is the most popular choice for bushcraft knives because it holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. They are also resistant to corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about your blade getting rusty or chipped after prolonged use in wet conditions. However, the downside of this type of steel is that it’s very prone to rust when not cared for properly.

Stainless steel is a good option for those who are worried about rust and corrosion. It’s not as hard to sharpen these blades, but they’re also more brittle than High Carbon steel, But you have to be careful with them because they will chip or snap if used too much on more complex materials like wood.

The third type of blade is pure carbon steel which can be used for rough and finishing work. The great thing about carbon steel is that it’s straightforward to sharpen, which means you’ll spend less time working on your blade and more time doing the task at hand.

Here is also resistant to corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about your blade getting rusty or chipped after prolonged use in wet conditions. However, the downside of this type of steel is that it’s very prone to rust when not cared for properly. Stainless steel is a good option for those who are worried about rust.

2. Blade Design

Blade Design of bushcraft knife is a significant factor while buying the bushcraft knife. It is because bushcraft knife blade design decides how a knife will perform. If you need to work with the wood, then curved edged blades are perfect for this situation, but a flat edge should be enough if you want to cut vegetables or skin animals.

Blade Design of Bushcraft Knife: Curved-edged Blades vs. Flat Edge

A lot of people would ask what is better when it comes to selecting the right blade type? There’s no easy answer, and it all boils down to your own personal preference. The two most popular types are straight edges and serrated edges, also known as “saw teeth” (curved).

Straight-edged knives tend to require less sharpening than their serrated counterparts do, making them the better knife to choose for those who are not very experienced with sharpening.

Serrated-edged blades can make it easier to cut through fibrous materials like rope or leather, making them a good choice. If you plan on living in the wild and need your bushcraft blade for survival purposes.

But there’s also something about having that little extra “teeth power,” whether it is from a serrated edge or not, that just feels right when you have many challenging items to chop up. And then there’s our favorite option – curved-edged blades! These knives feature an exciting design where they don’t have any pointy edges yet maintain their cutting ability due to their curve shape. This type of blade is also typically used for cutting foods like fish or meat.

3. Blade Size

Blade size is a difficult decision when it comes to choosing the right bushcraft knife. The blade should be about three inches long and no more than six inches in length. Blade thickness will vary depending on what types of tasks you consider being your most important for this tool.

If chopping wood is one of those things that needs often doing, then we suggest looking at knives with blades up to seven millimeters thick, though not too thicker or heavier as these could hinder other aspects like carving work and Batoning (splitting logs).

You can never go wrong with something between five millimeters and eight millimeters thick if all else fails. Blades are usually either a straight edge or serrated edge, but some manufacturers have created hybrid blades which combine both.

4.Blade Grind 

Blade grinds are the part of a blade that runs from its spine to its edge. They come in four different types: hollow, sabre, flat and convex.

Hollow ground blades have concave faces, making them less likely to become clogged with the material while cutting through materials like wood or bone, but they work very poorly if you need to cut something not as soft. The downside is that this type of grind will make it difficult for you to get a clean slicing motion across your knife’s face when chopping complex objects such as carrots because their surface area becomes wider than what is necessary.

Sabre blades offer an extremely sharp edge on one side and great strength and the other but can be prone to chipping and breaking if not used with enough care. 

Flat grind blades are made for precision cuts and will typically be thinner than other options, but they also work great at slicing through materials like vegetables or fruit where a convex blade may struggle. They can also come in handy when you need to apply more pressure because the edge of your knife is less likely to get damaged.

Convex grind blades may not be as sharp, but they are great for slicing through more rigid materials and will often come with an additional edge that can work wonders on more delicate products.

5. Handle

A good handle will allow you to hold your knife comfortably for more extended periods and is a great place to put some extra grip tape if you find that the original design doesn’t feel secure. A wrong handle may be uncomfortable or not provide enough space, especially in more extensive hands. It should also have a durable construction so it won’t break from everyday use.

These best bushcraft knives under 100 will have a handle made of wood, rubber or plastic that features an ergonomic design to ensure comfortable usage for hours on end. The scales should be easy to grip and the material durable enough to feel too slippery when your hands are wet.

The handle material is a personal preference, but typically wood feels the best in your hand and doesn’t get slippery. On the other hand, rubber handles are more durable than most materials because of their grip texture. Plastic may not be as grippy as rubber, so it might feel slippery when wet.

6. Sheath

Some bushcraft knives come with sheaths to store and carry the knife. The best material is leather, but nylon or polyester are also common choices. Knifemakers often attach a belt loop at the base of the handle so you can keep it strapped on your body while in use for extra safety.

Some Bushcrafters like to wear their knives around their neck during long trips through rough territory because they’re never too far from their handy tool when needed most. Make sure that whatever type of sheath you choose will be able to accommodate all types of terrain if this is what you plan on doing with your new blade.

Leather: Durable and affordable, but can be hard to replace if it breaks. 

Nylon or polyester: Comes in many different colors, which might be vital if you’re using this knife with a group. It also offers more protection against water damage than leather does, so it is great for wet environments like rain forests or coastal regions where your blade may come into contact with saltwater from time to time. Some people find that Nylonnylon slips easily out of its holder while working; others prefer it because they don’t have to worry about the rubber straps coming undone when their hands get sweaty during intense tasks like building shelter from the rain.

Polyester is also lightweight and doesn’t require any maintenance as leather does, which can be a good thing if you’re out in the woods for a long time.


Finding the most effective bushcraft knife can take a small amount of your time and recognizing out all the characteristics and options that build one nice. The knives you choose should be durable and reliable for years to come. To make an informed decision, it’s best that they’re suited to your needs now as well as what the future may hold in store.

Knife durability is a key factor when deciding which one will work best for you because longevity can’t be guaranteed with any knife over time no matter how much care was taken during their creation or purchase.

Bushcraft is regarding extent within the natural atmosphere, and this needs victimization wood for multiple functions like beginning fires, building shelters and furnishings, and making traps and snares. the simplest bushcraft knife is going to be reliable and powerful, to assist you to perform all of your survival tasks quickly and expeditiously.

Bushcraft knives are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It is important that you choose the right knife to fit your needs and budget, so we hope this guide will help make that decision easier. Taking into consideration skillfulness, durability, and cost-effectiveness, we tend to select the Ka-Bar Becker BK22 Companion knife with 1095 Cro-Van steel blade with a black durable blade coating as our prime decision as a result of its full tang, a flexible sheath, and nice overall performance at an affordable worth purpose. With these 10 excellent bushcraft knives under $100 on our list, there’s no excuse not to be prepared!

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